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The Bad Effects of NOT Exercising Enough in a day | Health & Care

We already know that not exercising is not a good way of living, but a recent study carried out by Kyle Mandsager, MD along with his two MD colleagues proved that: leading a desk-bound life without any activity is more harmful than smoking, heart ailment, and even diabetes. 

Doesn’t this sound scary?

It’s important that you include any kind of activity in your daily schedule, and take care of your health more seriously.

The Bad Effects of NOT Exercising Enough

Dr. Wael Jabar working in the Cleveland Clinic mentioned how the results were confusing and shocking in the first place. He adds, ‘being unfit on the treadmill or failing at a basic exercise stress test has worse effects on the health than being a diabetic or a smoker.’

Bad Effects of NOT Exercising

So are the risk factors of not exercising really high as experts claim?

Yes, they are. Still, they depend on a lot of factors like climate, a person’s overall health condition, lifestyle, and much more.

In the United States, it’s the Cardiovascular disease and diabetes which are the most expensive health issues reported. Therefore, it is always better if the patients and people are advised to take proper care of the health and exercise daily for maintaining the fitness – instead of paying a hefty amount of money for a diagnosis.

Another discovery made with the study is that people are fit to live a longer life.

The benefit of exercise remains the same across different ages in both males and females, where Jaber adds that the exercise benefits are more noticeable in women. People who don’t exercise are at higher risk double than a person who has a kidney failure. You can see the level of risk here, isn’t it?

Jaber later put another light on this study saying that they studied on the patients first, carried a treadmill test for figuring out what they actually do at home. It was the experts who made out the level of the patient’s activity instead of recording the self-reports made by the patients (which is usually carried out).

Our sedentary, modern lifestyle has definitely contributed to the rise in the heart diseases, and all of them are reversible indeed. We just have to push our bodies, and let them move all the time.

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